Student Senate

Student Senate is a class taken at the high school that provides students who have shown exceptional work ethic and participation in their classes with the honor of having a say in the activities and workings of the school. The members of the Senate are voted for by their peers, and the top seven for each grade level are selected to represent the class in student government.

What Senate Does

Student Senate is involved in many events in the school as well as in the community. Senators are also influential in making many decisions for the school including the Homecoming and Snowgoing Spirit Week events and dress days. Here is a list of the events that Senate has recently worked on:

  • Organizing the Homecoming Dance
  • Constructing of Class Homecoming Floats
  • Building Class Homecoming Showcases
  • Creating Class Homecoming Banners
  • Organizing the Veterans' Day Assembly
  • Organizing Class Fundraisers
  • Participating in the Homecoming Parade
  • Handling of Powder Puff Football Game Concessions
  • Hosting of Spirit Week Assemblies and Activities
  • Making Reminders for Paying Class Dues
  • Creating the Senior Video
  • Overseeing Prom
  • Organizing the Snowgoing Dance and Other Activities
  • Organizing Blood Drives

2016-2017 Executive Board

Governor: Seth Patterson
Lt. Governor: Haley Kocefas
Executive Secretary: Carlee Miller
Executive Treasurer: Alex Alma
Advisor: Meredith Anderson

2017 Events

Snowgoing Spirit Week - February 21-24
He-Man Volleyball Game - February 22
Snowgoing Dance - February 25
Prom - April 29

2017 Charity

Look for the Pantry Drop Boxes

Viking Pantry Drop Box

PTO Pantry Donation

Students displaying check for PTO Pantry Donation

Pantry Bake Sale Table

Pantry Bake Sale table full of food


Community Service (CS):

Each year, Senate chooses a charity to support. This committee organizes fundraising events for the charity.

Public Relations (PR):

PR makes posters to put up around the school to inform students.


In 2007, GHS started recycling paper and plastic bottles. All teachers have recycling bins in their classrooms, and there are bins in the hallways as well. 

School Improvement Team (SIT):

SIT is responsible for maintaining a database with information on GHS graduates. Its members also do recycling and other activities to improve the school.

Student Assemblies (SA): 

SA plans spirit week and awareness assemblies throughout the year.

animal shelter picBlankets for Animal Shelter

In December 2014, the Community Service committee delivers blankets for the animal shelter.






student donating bloodBlood Drive

The Community Service Committee and Red Cross hosted a blood drive.Kim Cook gets her blood drawn.